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Good evening... Good January nights in which this year 2021 the full moon will reign on Thursday 28th, called the wolf moon.

By all accounts this name was given to it in the Old ́s Farmer Almanac in 1792. And it took that name because the Native Americans called it that because they had noticed an increase in the howling of wolves during this moon.

The Full Moon of January is also called the Quiet Moon, Cold Moon, Snow Moon and Little Winter Moon. All these names are related to the winter season.

The Native Americans called it that because they had noticed an increase in the howling of wolves. The Full Moon of January it is also called the Quiet Moon, Cold Moon, Snow Moon and Little Winter Moon.

Why is the Full Moon so important, whether in winter or summer?

Ever since we were born as human beings, when the moon manifests itself in all its splendour in this phase, it illuminates our nights, it gives light to the darkness. In these times when we suffer from light pollution with our big cities, it doesn't seem to be important. But imagine when it was all darkness and we could only illuminate the hedge of light from our campfire. Then, with a full moon all the dangers of the night were no longer so mysterious. The darkness was mitigated and we were be able to see beyond.

That is why the full moon was imbued with significance, magic and protection. The full moon is the Mother who protecting us, who protects us from dangers, who gives us security.

We can take advantage of this energy to ask for protection for our family and prosperity and abundance in our home for this new year

MEANING OF THE WOLF MOON The wolf moon is the winter moon in itself, we are already immersed in this season. The wolves howl more at the moon in winter because of the lack of food and dare to come down and approach humans searching food. These animals are associated with the sense of group, the pack, the family and with the strategy for hunting which must be more intelligent and efficient due to the time of the year and the food shortage. Thus, the Wolf Moon is a moon that makes reference to all these aspects, all of them in relation to union, strategy for the year, family, group or friendship.

This is why we can take advantage of this energy to ask for protection for our family, for the home and we can also visualize prosperity and abundance in our home for this new year. How to do this?

Here is a small ritual of protection for your home that you can do on the wolf moon.


You will need the following elements: - Incense - A green candle - Pine cones or acorns (if you can't find them, you can use representations of them: drawings, figures, etc) - Figures or representations of animals of the forest: deer, wolves, owls, mice, rabbits... (You don't need a lot of them, two or three will do). - A figure that you must choose to be the protector of your home. It can be a figure that you already have at home, or that you want to buy. It doesn't matter what it represents or what material it is made of. - Food and/or drink. (Optional) Steps to follow: Light the incense and candle. Stand in front of the figure of the protector who should be surrounded by the other be surrounded by the other elements or representations.

Say: Guardian Spirits, I invite you to join me in this space. You are my friends and I want to thank you on this Wolf Moon.

Take the incense and circle the guardian symbol three times, moving it clockwise.

Say: I thank you for helping to keep the atmosphere clean and my home protected.

Move the candle three times around the symbol, clockwise. Say: I thank you for the light you send me to purify and dispel the darkness.

With the index and middle finger of your skilful hand, mark three circles around the symbol in a clockwise direction. Say: I ask you to continue to give me protection for my home, myself and my family, my pets and my property. I ask you to drive away troublemakers, thieves and anyone who physically or non-physically any others who physically or non-physically want to break our union or our home.

Stand with your arms raised high.

Say: Beloved Mother, beloved Wolf Moon, Lord of the Forest, I present to you the Guardian and protector of this house, the special spirit I invited into my home. I honour this Guardian in this symbol that represents his existence. Bless this guardian.

If you have included food and drink, invite the guardians to share it with you. Speak to them in whispers and leave the food out. When you are done, thank them for their presence.

Well, that's it for today. As always, if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you need any more information or any kind of help, you can also write to me at info@ravenscave.com

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