Many ancient traditions and cultures celebrate the rebirth of a god with Winter solstice. Some of the legends are derived from the celebration of Mithras, who was the Sun God. As with Christmas, the day of the birth of this God was held on 25th December.

The Winter Solstice is a turning point in nature. In Samhain, the Sun God has died and from 31st October to December, has wandered the dark lands of the underworld, to be reborn on the solstice, making the light grow again.

All this mythology explains the relationship between light and darkness. The traditions, with different stories, explain to us the movements of nature and its impact on all living beings. Yule, or the Winter Solstice marks the day shortest and the longest night.

But it is not a moment of fear or despair, because from the birth of The Sun the days begin to grow again and the nights will be shorter. And so, the light, little by little, is winning over the darkness until it reaches Summer Solstice. The sunlight starts to increase again. It is the day of the solar renaissance.

In Samhain, the Sun God has died and has wandered the underworld, to be reborn on the solstice, making the light grow again and so making the nights shorter.

This myth reminds us of Eastern Yin Yang, where a dark spot lives in the light and a light point lives in the dark. So much so that traditions tell us that in the point of greatest darkness lies the spark of the rebirth of light.

And this is a good reflection to make. Look at nature and see how everything that we consider to be the opposite is actually complementary. If you pay attention, you will realise that duality does not exist but that unity is present in everything that exists, in everything that is.

This is the blessing of the Winter Solstice, which brings us hope and aspiration. It is your most sacred teaching teaching. And, especially in this year 2020 which is really hard for many people.

Therefore, in this celebration there must be joy, optimism and aspiration. The Wheel of Life turns, again and again. Ideas are born, projects are made, plans are made. They manifest themselves or not, but we continue anyway, because everything has its time. Joy and sadness, aspiration and disillusionment; strength and weakness... Don't be fooled, everything has its moment and everything deserves to be lived. This is what Yule teaches us.

Don't be fooled, everything has its moment and everything deserves to be lived. This is what Yule teaches us.

Whether you plan to celebrate the solstice with a Winter Solstice Ritual or not, I propose an idea to celebrate this rebirth, not only of the sun, but also yours.

It's about two crafts you can do with your children if you have any:

  • Make a horn of plenty.

It is the cornucopia, used by the Greeks for decoration. It is simple to make. It forms a cone with a large piece of cardboard and stick the sides together. Fill it with fruits, sweets, and small decorative objects.

You can embellish the cornucopia with ribbons, ornaments or gilded paper. Use it on the Christmas table.

  • Bags for the Christmas tree.

To make these bags you need:

140 grams of corn flour.

1 gram of bergamot oil.

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

85 grams of talc.

1 drop of pine oil

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg.

You can make the bags or buy them ready-made. You fill each one with the ingredients. Once filled, take each bag in your hands and imagine that a little the energy of your heart goes to them through your arms and hands, and asks for a little desire. Then you hang them on the Christmas tree.

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And don't forget, ALL YOU NEED IS WITHIN.

Happy New Year!

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