Incense kit

Incense kit


Incense Kits: 

What you’ll find in this kit:


  • 1 x Chossen Herbs & Gums mixture
    • Balance or Cleansing or Protection


  • 2 x Charcoal pieces.
  • 1 x Palo Santo Stick: Uplifting, healing and protective. Also attracts abundance.
  • 1 x Wax Sealed Cotton Bag



This herb and gums have been choosen for its properties and its ability to complement each other to create an effective blend regarding its target.


In this mixture we do not take into account specific goals you may trying to achieve or personal circumstances taht may be blocking you from reaching your goal. So if you need advice on choosing the right herbs, gums or kit please do not hesitate to contact us.


How to use the Incese Kit:


Find a appropriate holder for the charcol. If you have not a gum/incense burner, could be a plate a small tea cup… Be aware that the charcoal richs really high temperatures so use a small cloth to hold the plate or the chosen container.


Light a corner of the charcoal till you see a spark on it. Leave it on the holder meanwhile the spark is spreading and wait for 20-30 sec. The charcoal is ready to be used. Mix and take a pinch of mixture from the bottle and put a small amount on the charcoal.


You can burn the incese around ourself, your room, house, workplace for a greater benefit. Also you can help yoursefl with a feather to spread the smoke if you want.


Palo Santo Stick is woodstick with very versatile magickal properties, which is why it is a good complete to any magickal and/or spiritual work.


Burn some wood untill it generates some smoke. The purpose is not the stick to catch fire or ignite it; simply burn it long enough to generate somke (can be just for few seconds). Once this is done let it stand on a heat and fire safe surface such as a plate or metal bowl.


Don’t burn charcoal, Smudge Stick, incese or Palo Santo Stick unatended, near on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep away from children and pets.



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