Samhain Candle

Samhain Candle


The night of Samhain is the last day of the Wheel of the Year; it is the end of the year. This night that belongs to Mother Death, the God Kernnunos, the Sun God, decides to sacrifice himself; the days are getting shorter. The veil between the worlds is very thin. Connect with the energy of Samhain, it is time to honor and celebrate the memory of the ancestors as part of the affirmation that life continues. Its energy will help you solve problems and get rid of old beliefs, patterns and influences.


220gr Soy Wax Candle. Burning time approx. 50-65 hours.

Natural, Vegan and Eco-Friendly wax and essential oils.




Raven's Cave candles are made with soy wax, a sustainable and compostable material. They are 100% natural and lasts up to 2-3 times longer than conventional paraffin candles. They have a lower melting point so helps preserve the benefits of essential oils. Soy wax is easy to clean and is soluble in water, so just a little soap and water is enough to clean wax residues from fabrics or other materials. You can easily clean the remains of wax from your candle glass and throw it to "food waste" since the ingredients that the it contains (dye and essential oils) are natural and biodegradable. This way you can also reuse the high-quality glass for other uses.

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